An educational consultant, also called a higher education consultant, is a professional who assists students and parents with college and financial aid planning. Educational consultants are skilled in helping students find colleges where they can be successful. They also serve as guides to the college application process, making sure that students meet deadlines and prepare complete and effective applications. Some higher education consultants specialize in helping students with special needs, such as learning disabilities.

Educational consultants are trained professionals who assist students and their parents with the college planning and application process. They help families by providing a realistic assessment of a student’s individual strengths and weaknesses as a prospective college applicant, identifying colleges and universities that match the student’s needs and interests, and providing guidance on all aspects of the college application and financial aid process.

While an educational consultant does not replace the school guidance counselor, a professional consultant can serve as a guide to the entire college and financial aid process, helping both students and parents feel less stressed, better prepared, and more confident.

It depends on both the student and the consultant. Many students prefer to work face-to-face with their educational consultant, while others benefit from working with a non-local consultant who has specialized experience or skills. If you can’t find a professional educational consultant in your area who you feel comfortable with, working with a consultant who is based elsewhere can also make sense.

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