Mohammad Hassan

Hey, Myself Mohammad Hassan, I m from Kanpur, Well starting with my intro would be really very boring for my readers so let me just tell you how I went from being an Average scorer to being a Medical student in 2019. So all this started after June when I got my NEET scorecard, well the marks did not as turn out as I accept them too, but I’ve heard about this All India Admission service which was near my Coaching but I was hesitated to try them on coz of all the cons going around but then u thought why don’t I just visit them for once and talk about it. So there I met Mr. Akhilesh Yadav sir, He was the head of the branch there, we spoke for a while, I told him all about my marks and everything, after a while of talking and knowing he agreed for my admission, the person I just met about an hour ago is not like a friend, he advises and carefulness about every step made me feel like he’s a good known friend.

After a few days I went to him with my dad, they sat and spoke for a while, well I must say Mr Akhilesh is a kind hearted man with a huge smile on his face to face everything. Without talking about money or payment first he was like “lets get on with your work, money is secondary the work should be done at first” he took all the details from me with all my documents and rushed on with my work. And yeah I was late really late as the admission procedures all over India and counseling was already started in states. But Mr Akhilesh asked me not to worry about anything and just be prepared with all the documents.

Then one day he calls me in the evening and he is like tomorrow you have to be in Jaipur before 10 in the morning, well there is where the rush hour starts, I start rushing with all my luggage and everything and yeah tomorrow was EID, it was like tomorrow is Eid and today I m going to Jaipur for counseling, well leaving that aside and other things as well I took the 10pm bus and left for Jaipur. Akhilesh sir had already told me in which hotel he was staying and asked me to stay at the same place so it would be easy to meet and move together, so I booked a room online in the same hotel. So in the morning at 7 I reached Jaipur, took a cab, went to the hotel, got fresh and then got a call from him that we are all set to leave let’s go. So we left for SMS Medical college, Jaipur.

On reaching we crossed checked all the documents and found some missing, well that part was scary to be honest that after coming this far we r lacking documents, but then Akhilesh sir called his wife and asked her to help me, and believe me ma’am was really helpful she did all my pending document work and there in Jaipur we received help from Sir’s co workers Ashish Sir and Tiwari Sir, they were really very friendly and just like family. They ran with all my work and papers and got everything done.

So now comes the time, after we’ve crosschecked all the papers and got everything done we go inside and wait for my turn. Well the wait was long and was getting longer because there thousands of students so Akhilesh sir asked me to go and rest in the hotel while they wait there because it was gonna take time, so I took a cab and returned to the hotel and took a nap, well as soon as I woke up sir called me saying hurry up there is a problem here with seats come as soon as possible. I just rushed towards the college with whatever mode of transport I could get, upon reaching things were not as planned everything went wrong the seats went empty, Akhilesh sir tried everything to get me in and when we got inside we went to the counselling hall and spoke to them but that was usesless they didn’t allow us to even speak, we went from people to people Akhilesh sir, tiwari sir and me we were running from one place to another inside the center from people to people but it was of no use. We were left shocked and didn’t know what to do. The guy who was just concerned with my admission that is Akhilesh sir had tears in his eyes saying what happened all of the sudden, he called people and asked them, tried everything but it was all useless. We all took his car and went back to the hotel.

Next day was Eid and here we all were broken and shattered and I didn’teven know how will I reach home on time for my festival, I spoke to Akhilesh sir that what are we going to do now, he smiled at and said you don’t worry about it you wil get college this year no matter what I have to do for it, I lost hope but he didn’t. Then after dinner he was in his room and I was in mine, he called me and he was like u have a flight back to Kanpur tomorrow at 6am in the morning go back enjoy your festival and we’ll handle this, well if you don’t call this something like family what will you call it. Next morning I took the flight back to Kanpur and well it was harsh facing that we have returned empty handed but he promised me a college this year.

Then there comes a day when he calls me at 7 in the evening and he is like get ready we r leaving for Jaipur at 9, well I was stunned with so many questions on “what wait how” and how will I reach there, but then he was like you just have to come near the office at 9 coz you are coming with me to Jaipur in my car, well I must say meeting a guy like him is priceless at such situations who’s not just doing your work but also saving your time and travel expenses. Ok, so, we set of for Jaipur with huge expectations we stayed in the same hotel and took rest for the night and next day we were at the counseling center on time waiting for my turn with all the documents set and ready and with hope that nothing could go wrong now. Well they finally called me inside, tiwari sir companied me inside, well after the long wait i was in front of the counselor and he was checking my documents, everything perfect, they asked me which college I want? I proudly said “sir GMC Bharatpur” and then heard him announcing “GMC Bharatpur ki ek NRI seat kam kardo it has be allotted to Mohammad Hassan” My god that was the moment of goosebumps for both of us, Me, Akhilesh sir, Tiwari sir and Ashish sir we all were like finally we’ve made it we did it, after all this struggle and running we did it.

Without any hesitation and any other suggestions I would recommend every other person who is looking for a college and you are having problems please contact All india admission services, and I ensure you that you would not regret your decision.